• I am a father (love you Gunnar)

• I am a husband (Thanks for everything you do, love you too Mikki)

• I am a son, and a brother (Hi Mom, Rick and Dalton)

• I tattoo people for a living (email me here for an appointment)

• I work for Mainstreet Sudios in Ashland, Ohio - (419)207-1178

• I love to draw, paint

• In 2012 I broke my back and it hurt like a mofo

• I am a tattooed motocrosser who doesn't know the word "quit"

• If you irritate me enough I may try to choke you out

• Thanks to these sponsors for making my 2013 race season possible

Char's Cars, Mainstreet Studios, Sky Salon, Ohio Action Photo, Hillis Cycle Center, Magnum, KA Recovery, Piercing by Ashley, DO Apparel

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